Health and Wellness: Mind, Body, and Spirit

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When it comes to living well, self-care is extremely important, as we are all beautifully made and endowed with a mind, body and spirit that require continuous care. Generally, when we possess something we consider beautiful, whether it’s a new car, a new electronic device, or fine jewelry, we are sure to maintain its upkeep by taking care of it. Taking care of our possessions is indicative of their value to us, thus we ought to care for ourselves all the more, as our mind, body, and spirit ought to be amongst our greatest treasure.

Taking care of our body is vital if we seek to live a healthy lifestyle. One of the ways in which we can care for our body is by maintaining a balanced and healthy diet. Eating foods from all of the major food groups, and having three square meals a day is a surefire way to ensure that our body is getting the nutrients that it needs. Also, exercising three to five days a week is a great way to care for our body, as regular exercise has been shown to reduce the risk of a number of medical conditions. Lastly, good sleep-hygiene is important to maintaining a healthy body as well.

Taking care of our mind is just as important as taking care of our body. Engaging in activities we enjoy, reading, growing in knowledge, and surrounding ourselves with people that will provide us with the emotional support we need when our psychological resources have been pushed to the brink, are all ways that we can care for our minds.

Lastly, there’s our spirit. Our spirit desires to be fed just as much as our mind and body do, and staying in relationship with our Creator, either through prayer, reading sacred texts or attending church, are all ways in which we are able to nourish our spirit.

Caring for every aspect of our being is vitally important if we desire to live well, and if you or someone else you care for has found it difficult to live well in any aspect of life, please feel free to give us a call. It is our desire to treat the whole person, and we hope to get you or your loved one back to living a healthy and fulfilling life once again.

About the Author: Dr. Jermaine Thomas, Psy.D.

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