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Faith-Based Counseling for Individuals, Couples, and Families

How to Get Started

Cornerstone Counseling Center of Chicago therapists incorporate evidence-based, cutting-edge tools into their work with clients, and every client receives individualized care based on their needs and goals.

Our Process

  1. Call our intake team (customer service) for an appointment at (312) 573-8860 or complete the appointment request form.
  2. Our intake rep will ask you a series of questions to help match you with the right therapist.
  3. Cornerstone will verify that your insurance plan covers the sessions. However, it is always best practice that you call your insurance company as well. Learn More
  4. Cornerstone Counseling Center of Chicago has Telehealth and in-person appointments available 

Insurance Accepted:

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We Can Help

Cornerstone Counseling Center of Chicago provides exceptional counseling and therapy services to individuals of all ages, couples, and families from a faith-based perspective. We would love to work with you to find a counselor well-suited to talk with you about your life situation.

Cornerstone therapists are licensed and specialize in clinical counseling services, such as:

  • Depression, grief, anxiety, loneliness, etc.
  • Couples struggling within their relationship.
  • Parents improving communication with their children.
  • Children with behavioral issues, lack of focus in the classroom, etc.

Helping People Through Therapy and Counseling

Populations We Serve

  • People

    Struggling with feelings of depression, grief, anxiety, loneliness, relationships, etc...

  • Churches

    Pastoral care, leadership training, team building, congregation workshops, etc...

  • Medical Professionals

    Testing, assessments, psychosocial issues, and providing reports and feedback, etc...