Everything You Need To Know

Our Highest Priority

Our highest priority is to provide a safe, supportive, and confidential atmosphere for our clients. The goal is to help identify negative patterns and develop methods to avoid, cope with, and change these patterns.

Who Visits a Therapist?

  • Individuals

    Therapy is a process to help individuals identify effective strategies for moving forward when emotions, habits, or life circumstances become unmanageable or overwhelming. Individual therapy is a partnership between client and therapist to help the client meet their goals.

  • Couples

    Couples counseling helps increase effective communication and conflict resolution to bring meaningful, positive change to the relationship. The decision to enter couples counseling can be difficult, and our marriage therapists will be sensitive and supportive throughout the journey.

    We provide counseling services to increase couple communication, adjust to life transitions, and address intimacy concerns. We strive to help couples find greater levels of intimacy, understanding, and balance.

Types of Mental Wellness Issues

Understanding Your Therapist