5 Ways to Fight Stress

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  1. Regulate your sleep patterns.
    Get up no later than 8am and go to bed no later than 11.30pm, even if you can’t sleep. If you have problems getting up in the morning, get someone else to rouse you, or have a friend call.
  2. Get as much exercise as you can.
    Not everyone has the time for routine workouts at a gym or health club. Take advantage of the time you do have: if you take the public transit to work, leave a few minutes early and take a longer route to your stop. If you spend most of your day sitting down, take 5 minute breaks every 2 hours to walk the halls of your office.
  3. Eat 3 meals a day.
    A healthy diet is essential and it begins with consistent and nutritous meals.
  4. Just relax!
    That doesn’t mean coming home from work and vegging in front of the TV all night. Disconnect from media for at least 1/2 hour and catch up on your reading, do some yoga, or just talk with a friend or spouse.
  5. Spend time outdoors.
    Take a walk, ride your bike, or gather some friends and throw the frisbee around. Even in the winter, taking in natural light is healthy and will also help regulate your sleep patterns.

Take 5 minutes out of your busy day to do this simple relaxation exercise. If you have headphones, put on soothing music to accompany the exericse.

Make yourself as comfortable as possible in your chair. Begin to focus on feeling relaxed.

You are beginning to feel heavier and heavier. Your breathing is slow and deep.

Your head is becoming heavy. Your head is floppy and relaxed.

The heaviness is creeping into your muscles around your face and jaw. Your neck too, is floppy and relaxed.

Your shoulders and arms are becoming heavy. Your shoulders are floppy and relaxed.

The heaviness is creeping into your arms, making them loose and limp. Your hands are heavy and floppy. Your arms and shoulders are relaxed.

Your chest and abdomen are becoming heavy. Your stomach muscles are floppy and relaxed. Your legs and feet are becoming heavy. The heaviness is creeping into them.

Your legs are floppy and relaxed, your feet are heavy and limp.

You are now feeling really heavy and relaxed. Now just concentrate on slow, rhythmic breathing.

Slow and deep, deep and slow.

On the count of 5 you can open your eyes, feeling alert but calm and relaxed.

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