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Letting Go To Grow

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Finally, my sisters – whatever is true, whatever is honorable, what is right, what is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, dwell on these things.

  1. Position yourself in the future – get a positive view of the future will help you let go of a negative past. This is hard. Negative experiences just don’t fade away. Neuroscience of the brain indicates that we have an area of the brain that is called the episodic area. In this area we house events. We were created to remember so there are three things that will help with letting go of a negative past – (i) intentionally; (ii) create a vision board to assist you; (iii) set some steps. Learn to be present and stay in the present as you note your thoughts and feelings that connect you to what is good, what is lovely and what is of a good report.
  1. Discard the old – look around at your space, what reminds you of the thing, event, thought that you are trying to let go? Whatever it is start small and recreate. Redecorate a room, create piles that are keep, toss or transfer and then move forward with those things.
  1. Repair – acknowledge if what you are letting go of you played a part in the hurt, pain or disappointment. If you can, reach out to that person, have a face to face or write a letter expressing your part and your remorse. If you cannot reach out to that person, write an unmailable letter expressing your part and remorse.
  1. Rewrite your narrative – this allows you to take your power back. It places you in the position of victor and not victim. Therapist call this cognitive re-framing – God has given us the power to write our stories. Look at the loss as a release. An open door to create something new and refreshing.
  1. Forgive – discharge the debt, do what needs to be done to not have offense repeated (redefine the relationship); acknowledge the mess, the cost, the pain as well as the short and long term consequences of the offense, it is a process, not a one-time decision.

The Power of the Creative Process

by Dr. Kara White, Psy.D. in Active, Self Improvement Comments: 0 tags: Activities

Businessman desk office marketing Planner and Strategy idea

Trying something new

Exposing what is in you

Fearing there is nothing in you

Having faith to act anyway

Facing the blank canvas

Swirling ideas, swirling colors

What do I do first?

Thank God paint can be painted over

The process

It may never be a finished project

Embracing the process

Where do I start?

What do I make?

Letting go of all judgment

Letting it be what it will be

Not made for perfection

Made for sake of creation

Shows me what is in me

Beauty is in me

Creativity is in me

Courage is in me

Strength is in me

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