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Couples & Pre-marital Counseling Services

Couples Counseling

Couples Counseling

Work directly with a Cornerstone therapist during weekly 50 minute sessions to create a vibrant, healthy, and lasting relationship. Couples counseling is an approach that helps couples recognize and resolve conflicts and improve their relationships.

Our couples counseling gives you the tools to communicate better, negotiate differences, problem-solve, and resolve conflict in a healthier way to create the relationship they desire. We provide counseling services to couples struggling with communication problems, life’s transitions, and intimacy concerns. We strive to help couples find greater levels of intimacy, understanding, and balance.

Relationship Workshops

All of us desire fulfilling, lasting, and intimate relationships. But if we’re honest, how much time and energy do we invest in creating those types of relationships?

Our workshop series will give you tools to build the relationship you want, incorporating a Christian perspective. The workshops will dive deep into the topics people just like you have asked to know more about.

Our workshops are interactive and practical. Participants can count on great discussion with their peers and will leave with concrete next steps in building a better relationship.


Topics like:

For Singles:

  • Understanding sexuality
  • How to find a compatible partner
  • Sustaining healthy relationships

For Couples:

  • Breaking down communication barriers
  • Experiencing greater physical intimacy
  • Growing in trust and reliance on one another

Pre-marriage Counseling

People spend years getting an education, decades to reach the top of their professions, yet most people devote minimal, if any time, to learning the skills that will enhance the most important relationship of their lives. Conventional wisdom suggests that the selection of a life partner determines to a great extent how happy and successful we are in life.

Every couple embarks on their marriage journey with differences and good intentions. Our counseling provides an opportunity to explore various facets of the relationship, including many that couples may not yet grasp as important. Pre-marriage counseling lays out skills needed to nurture a relationship; it helps couples identify strengths and potential areas for growth and explores healthy conflict resolution as well as other skills that contribute to long-term relationship success.

Assessment and Consultation

Online marriage assessment that will identify areas of strength as well as areas that need growth in your relationship. Two 50 minute consultation sessions to process the results and discuss strategies for growth.

CCCOC can set you up to take an online marriage check-up that will identify areas of strength as well as areas that need growth in your relationship. After you complete the online assessment, your marriage consultant will review your results with you in two 50 minute consultations to help you strengthen and enhance your relationship.

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