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Most people desire a fulfilling, lasting, and intimate romantic relationship. But if we’re honest, how much time and energy do we invest in strengthening and maintaining that type of relationship with your significant other? We invite you to join us for a workshop that will give you tools to build and strengthen the relationship you want, based on a Christian perspective. This workshop will dive deep into the topics like:

    • Improving communication with your significant other 
    • Improving conflict resolution skills
    • Ways to increase intimacy 


Time: 9am - 12pm

Location: Cornerstone Center - 1111 N. Wells St. Chicago, IL 60610

Cost: $95 per couple (includes workshop materials & continental  breakfast)


Meet the Presenters:

Dr. Grace Ahn-Im, Psy.D.

Dr. Grace enjoys working with individuals in various life stages and come from different backgrounds. Dr. Grace also enjoys working with couples preparing for marriage.

 Dr. Grace utilizes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), motivational interviewing, and evidence based practices in her treatment of clients and considers each client's unique context and cultural (e.g., race, gender, SES, community, spirituality) background and integrates these constructs in her treatment.

Dr. Grace received her Master’s and Doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from Wheaton College. She is trained in Prepare and Enrich and has over four years of experience working in community mental health and hospital settings. Dr. Grace has led multiple groups for children, adolescents, and adults with topics including social skills, healthy living, stress management, behavior management, and mindfulness.


Dr. Jermaine Thomas, Psy.D.

Dr. Thomas specializes in working with individuals struggling with early relational trauma, depression, parent-child relational issues, and couple issues. His treatment approach is integrative, as he incorporates perspectives from psychodynamic theory, emotion-focused therapy, the Gottman method, Adlerian therapy and cognitive-behavioral therapy.

Dr. Thomas obtained his Bachelor’s degree in psychology from Georgetown University and his Doctoral degree in clinical psychology from Adler University. Dr. Thomas is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist. 


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 We invite you to join us for a brand new single’s workshop. This workshop will focus on topics like:

    • Exploring one’s perceptions of one’s singleness 
    • Discussing the perceptions of society’s view of singles and what the church’s view is
    • The overview of basic statistics and Biblical context
    • An invitation to consider accepting singleness as the present state regardless of future desires/possibilities and how to cope through the waiting.


Time: 9am - 12pm

Location: Cornerstone Center - 1111 N. Wells St. Chicago, IL 60610

Cost: $45 per person (includes workshop materials & continental  breakfast)


Meet the Presenters:

Martina Sancen, M.A., LCPC

Martina specializes in working with children, adolescents, and families whose functioning is being impacted by ADHD, anxiety, depression, and other emotional or behavioral challenges. She believes that children have a strong desire to learn and stresses that learning can be fun; her therapeutic approaches include teaching skills, practicing them in session, and encouraging implementation in other environments.  Martina also enjoys working with adolescents, giving them a space to express their voice and individuality.

She has experience working with individuals suffering domestic violence and has strived to be an agent of change through her work by teaching and empowering adolescents both individually and in groups about healthy relationships and how to create change in their environment. Martina has completed a 40-hour Domestic Violence training program that enables her to address the complex experience of victims and survivors. Martina began preparation for her work with her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies from DePaul University. She then continued her education, going on to earn a Master’s degree in Clinical Professional Psychology from Roosevelt University.


Samiha Jallouqa, M.A.

Samiha is passionate about working with children, adolescents, emerging adults, couples, and families. She is especially interested in treating individuals of all ages from diverse backgrounds seeking to resolve conflicts related to their cultural, religious, ethnic, racial, gender, and/or sexual identities. Samiha is also driven to help those struggling with major life transitions, self-esteem, anxiety and depression, relationship issues, and trauma. Samiha works to help clients seeking to learn more about themselves reach their ultimate potential. Samiha is bilingual in Arabic and English, and is skilled in working with clients from Arab/Middle Eastern and Muslim heritages.

Samiha received her Bachelors Degree in Psychology from Loyola University Chicago in 2015. She earned her Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology from Midwestern University in 2017, and is expected to graduate with her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology also from Midwestern University in 2020.


To Register, Call 312-573-8860

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