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What is psychological assessment?

Psychological assessment is a multi-faceted way to gather information regarding an individual’s cognitive, relational, emotional, and personality strengths and weaknesses. This information is utilized to understand what is going on for an individual (including potential diagnoses) and why the individual is experiencing challenges in functioning in his/her daily life. 

A good psychological evaluation also provides personalized recommendations based on the unique strengths and weaknesses of the individual. These recommendations are aimed to help the individual function better in his or her life based on the understandings gained through the assessment process. 


What psychological assessment services does CCCOC provide?

Our Center provides psychological assessments for a number of referral questions, including the following:

  • Why does my child display such significant behavior problems at home and/or school?
  • Does my child have ADHD?
  • Do I have ADHD?
  • Why is it so difficult for me to concentrate in order to complete tasks at work?
  • Why does it seem so much more difficult for me to deal with my moods than those around me?

Our Center also provides required pre-adoption psychological evaluations for individuals and couples who are planning to adopt a child. Additionally, our psychological assessment services evaluate behavioral, social, emotional, and personality problems in children, adolescents, and adults.

If you are interested in a psychological evaluation, but you are unsure whether your question falls into the aforementioned categories, please contact our psychological assessment team ( who can work with you to determine whether psychological assessment at our Center is right for you.

If you are interested in a pre-adoption psychological evaluation, please gather information from the adoption agency regarding their requirements for the evaluation and report prior to contacting our psychological assessment team.

We can provide referrals for more unique and specialized evaluations to answer referral questions that we do not address at this time.

What can I expect from a psychological evaluation at CCCOC?

The psychological assessment process at our Center involves numerous aspects of data collection. Initially, someone from our psychological assessment team will provide you with some background forms to complete and return, which will allow our team to better direct the assessment services. You will then meet with someone from our team for a one-hour clinical interview; this appointment will allow the examiner to gather a large amount of information about you that will further direct the next steps of the evaluation.

During your initial psychological assessment appointments, the examiner may request your permission to contact previous providers and/or schools. It can be very helpful to gain additional information from other individuals who have interacted with you, such as teachers, employers, physicians, and mental health providers. You will be asked to sign a release of information authorization in order for our team to contact any outside sources. 

It is highly likely that the individual participating in the evaluation will attend multiple appointments at our office where the examiner will administer a number of assessment measures. Some of these involve answering questions about oneself on a form, while others involve interacting with the examiner to solve problems and answer questions. When a child is participating in the evaluation, his or her parents will also be asked to complete forms about the child’s behaviors. 

After these appointments, the examiner will analyze and interpret the information gained from these assessment measures in conjunction with information gained from the clinical interview and any additional sources. The examiner will integrate all of the information into a written report that discusses the findings of the evaluation and provides recommendations for the individual. Because of the large amount of information to be integrated together into a report, this process can take some time; the examiner will be in contact with you to update you on the progress of your report.

When the written report is complete, the examiner will contact you to schedule a feedback appointment where the findings and recommendations will be explained and discussed with you. You will be provided a copy of the final written report after the feedback appointment. A copy of this report will also be kept in your chart at CCCOC.

How much does a psychological evaluation at CCCOC cost?

The standard fee for each clinical hour of psychological assessment service is $200. Our typical psychological evaluations range from 5-10 clinical hours of service. 

Many insurance companies pay a portion of the cost for psychological assessment. Please contact your insurance company to determine the benefits for psychological assessment on your insurance plan. We will bill our in-network insurance companies (Blue Cross Blue Shield and AETNA PPO) for psychological assessment services. You will be responsible to pay any portion of the fee that is not covered by your insurance policy.  

If you do not have insurance, our Client Access Program is available to ensure that affordability is not a barrier to receiving mental health services. A determination of the fee for psychological assessment services through the CAP is based on individual financial circumstances. Please contact our main office for a CAP application (312-573-8860 or

When your portion of the fee for the psychological assessment is paid in full, you will receive a written copy of the report.

At this time, CAP is not available to assist with the cost of pre-adoption psychological evaluations.

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