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Unleashing Healing

A little over a year ago, José and Rosa started pre-marital counseling here at Cornerstone. José had contacted the counseling center saying he was fearful for his marriage because of how he addressed conflict within their relationship. José talked about his anger saying, “I can feel myself going from 0-60 in a minute”. So Rosa and Jose started counseling, and began to learn more about themselves alongside their families influence in how they interacted with one another.

Both Rosa and José came from households where they struggled to handle conflict in healthy ways. As they began coming regularly, they both began to work through their past issues of family conflict and find new healthy way to release anger and transform situations. Alongside counseling, their counselor helped them find new ways to work together and spend time with one another. José and Rosa began to go on dates and rediscover themselves within their new marriage. Negotiation skills were established and trust began to increase in José and Rosa’s relationship. Last summer, both said their vows and “I do’s” and started their long-lasting marriage together. Today, José and Rosa have almost been married for a year, and live into a stronger happier marriage with one another.


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