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Our History

We began providing Title 1 services in 2004. Since then we have worked with over thirty schools in twenty-two neighborhoods. Academic counseling continues to be the staple of our service, however we have led numerous parent involvement seminars and professional development seminars for teachers and administrators.

Title 1 Services:

Models of Services

Diversity-elementary-classroomWhat does it take for a child to succeed academically? Parents who are involved in their child’s learning. A supportive and safe community. Positive peer influences. Teachers who are equipped to accommodate their individual learning needs.

Studies have demonstrated that children who have these things in place have the greatest chance to achieve their academic potential. CCCOC’s model for Title I services is designed to account for each of these factors through:

  • Academic Coaching
  • Professional Development Seminars
  • Parent Involvement Seminars

Keys to Maximizing Effectiveness

  1. Collaboration with classroom teachers, principals, and parents to ensure students receive an individualized plan for success.
  2. All service providers are Masters or Doctoral level clinicians bringing a high level of expertise and experience.
  3. Implementing evidence based curriculum and processes for tracking students learning comprehension and academic progress.


Academic Coaching

diverse-teens-schoolAcademic coaching addresses the core social and emotional skills the state of Illinois has set as goals for students. Our academic coaches can be a source of support for your teachers and staff, and we want to be just that–so we work with your staff to ensure students are maximizing their time and potential in the classroom and are receiving the additional help they need.

Our academic coaches use the Lions-Quest curriculum, a comprehensive, evidence-based program that addresses the social-emotional needs of children and adolescents. The curriculum includes lessons for grades K-12 that build trust and community among students and prepare them for academic and social success.


Topics Addressed

  • Improving classroom behavior
  • Controlling Anger
  • Expressing emotions healthfully
  • Building self-esteem
  • Dealing with bullying


Parent Involvement

For a child to succeed in their classroom, parental involvement is absolutely essential. Parents who show interest in what their child is learning, who ask about homework and tests coming up, who meet their child’s teachers at back-to-school night are empowering their child to per- form to the best of his and her abilities. Our counselors are passionate about equipping parents with practical tools for supporting their child.

Seminar Topics

  • Social Media/Internet Safety
  • Effective discipline that empowers your student
  • Creating a positive home environment
  • Setting achievable goals for your student
  • Communicating effectively with your student
  • Bonding with your child through recreation

“I have a much better understanding of all the ways that kids can be a bully or be bullied. This is great information to share with my child.” Parent Attendee at Teaching Your Child About Bullying, ICCI Academy – January, 2011


Professional Development

Our professional development seminars can prepare teachers and administrators to best relate to their students, parents, and each other. We focus on healthy response to conflicts, effective communication, and general relational skills that, when practiced, cultivate academic growth.

Seminar Topics

  • Dealing with bullying
  • Disciplining students effectively
  • Setting achievable goals as a school
  • Dealing with abused or damaged children
  • Concise and clear communication
  • Cultural competence
  • Stress management
  • Maximizing the potential of your staff

“The presenters did a great job. They made the information applicable to the specific situations we deal with at our school.” Teacher participant from Conflict Resolution for Adolescents, South Shore High School – May, 2012


Additional Services

Individual and Family Therapy

Many of our therapists specialize in children and adolescent development and can work with a child individually on behavioral, academic, social, or personal issues. Our therapists have extensive experience working with parents and children together, helping parents establish strong relationships with their children.

Psychological Assessment and Evaluation

Problems from having trouble focusing in class to having difficulties making friends are frustrating. But children can overcome learning disabilities or social/emotional disorders if families know the reason for the behavior.

Psychological assessments reveal areas of strength or giftedness. That information is essential to planning the best education possible. They also identify areas for growth, and a therapist can then provide the tools to ensure success.

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