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Cornerstone Counseling Center has been conducting presentations and workshops in Chicagoland for more than 10 years. A wide range of organizations have requested our presentations. These organizations range from businesses, churches, government departments, and non-profits to name a few.

$300 per workshop*

*Are you a church or business partner with us? Contact us for special pricing.

Customized workshops are available. Contact us for a quote.


Adult Related


Abuse & Neglect

  • Abuse Information
  • Elder Abuse & Neglect: An Introduction for Mandated Reporters” Addictions
  • Adult Children of Alcoholics
  • Freedom from Addiction
  • Treatment and Relapse
  • Coping with Pain Through Addiction
  • Sexual Addiction
  • Shopping Addiction – Compulsive Buying Information
  • Help for Female Sex Addicts
  • Barriers to Effective Accountability
  • How to Develop Effective Accountability
  • Why Do People Become Addicts?
  • Why Therapy is Important for Addicts


Anger Management

  • Keeping Your Cool When It Gets HOT
  • Understanding Angry People



  • Burn-out for Urban Ministries
  • Resolutions to Prevent Burn-out


Behavioral Health Care

  • The Importance of a Behavioral Health Consultant in a Community Health Center



  • Making Your Career Count



  • The Choice is Yours (Help for making choices)
  • Making Good Decisions
  • Overcoming Suffering of our Choices


The Christian Life

  • Christian Atheist: When you Believe in God but Don’t Really Know Him
  • Crushed and Rescued
  • Out of the Pit
  • Thankfulness and Thanksgiving


Communication & Conflict

  • Effective Communication and Conflict Resolution
  • Breaking Bread Communication (How to be a Better Communicator)
  • Communication in the Workplace
  • LOGIC, Discipline, and Communication


Coping with Change

  • Who Moved my Cheese? Coping With the Changing Times



  • Cultural Competence
  • Cultural Competence Urban Preparation
  • Issues of Cultural Sensitivity
  • Diversity in School


Depression & Anxiety

  • Christians and Depression
  • Christians: Depression and Women
  • Depression: Is it a Sin?
  • Depression: Pills or Prayer?
  • Understanding & Overcoming Anxiety
  • Recognizing the Signs of Depression
  • SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)
  • Grief & Bereavement


Eating Disorders

  • Eating Disorders and the Holidays
  • Healthy Choices
  • Muscle Dysmorphia









  • True Diagnosis of Insomnia



  • Integration Practices at CCCOC


Marriage & Family

  • 10 Good Ways to Work At Sex
  • A Marriage Weekend: A Love That’s Built To Last
  • Adult Children to Move Out of the Nest
  • Conflict Resolution through Communication
  • Couples Sex Therapy
  • Family Stress
  • Father’s Day
  • Finances in Marriage
  • Forgiveness: Understanding the Hurts & Embracing the Future
  • Effective Conflict Resolution: Restoring Peace in your Marriage and Family
  • Healthy Sexual & Emotional Intimacy
  • How to Avoid Marrying a Jerk(ette)
  • Intimacy in Marriage
  • LINKS (Lasting Intimacy Through Nurturing Knowledge and Skills)
  • Love Languages
  • Prayer in Marriage
  • Remembering Your Commitment: The Marriage Covenant
  • Stop the Four Horsemen of Marriage with their Antidotes
  • Tips and Strategies for Going Home for the Holidays
  • Domestic Violence – Understanding Inter-Partner Violence “Silent No Longer


For Mental Health Professionals

  • A Helper’s Guide to Working with People
  • Clinical Supervision: A Christian Integrative Approach
  • Self-care for Caring Professionals
  • Sexuality and Treatment
  • Talking to Your Clients About Sex
  • Working with Difficult Clients – Be Prepared for Emotional Outbursts



  • Self-Injury
  • The Psychological Management of Chronic Pain


Personal Development

  • Goal Setting
  • Casting the Vision
  • Making the Vision Stick
  • Dealing With our CriticsMaking a Plan to Survive the Holidays
  • Mindfulness
  • Connecting in a Disconnected World
  • Introversion and Extraversion
  • Overcoming Fear
  • Imago Dei: The God Image, The God Concept, and Attachment
  • Nutrition


Relationship, Sex, and Intimacy

  • Love U 2: Relationship Smarts
  • Temptations Women Face
  • Perspectives on Dating
  • Sexuality and Treatment
  • Singlehood
  • Within My Reach Relationship Guide


Stress Management

  • 7 Powerful Relaxation Techniques


Taxes and Taxing


Transitioning Traumatic Incidences

  • Date Rape
  • Sexual Trauma: Moving Beyond: Recovery & Healing
  • Critical Incident Stress Management
  • Trauma


Child & Adolescent Related


Abstinence Education


  • Building Healthy Relationships with Others and Ourselves


Abuse & Neglect

  • Child Abuse & Neglect: An Introduction for Mandated Reporters




  • Suggestions for Effective Collaboration with Academic Counseling
  • Title I Academic Counseling”
  • Breakthrough (A Program for Parent Involvement)
  • Bullying
    • Reducing Bullying
    • Responding to Bullying and Disrespect at School
  • Children and Divorce
    • Helping Children of Divorcing Families
    • Step-Families
  • Coaching
    • Effective Coaching
  • Internet Safety Mentors
  • A Guide for Mentors




  • Cultural Competence: Understanding and Embracing our Differences
  • Effective Discipline: Empowering Teachers to Manage Great Kids
  • Building Strong Work Relationships through Healthy Communication
  • Burn-out for Teachers
  • How to Deal With Difficult Students
  • Trauma Drama with Youth Crisis Intervention
  • Undifferentiated Learning and Student Success


Leadership Teams


  • Team-Building: A Guide to Excelling in the Workplace
  • Stress Management & Relaxation: A Workplace Survival Guide
  • Building Team Cohesion
  • Cultural Competence: Understanding and Embracing our Differences
  • Building Strong Work Relationships through Healthy Communication
  • Setting Achievable Goals: A Building Blocks Approach
  • Making Your Career Count
  • Managing Tensions
  • Recognizing Your Spiritual Gifts
  • Becoming an Effective Leader
  • Dealing with Difficult Group Members
    • Building a Solid Foundation
    • Resolving Conflict


Parenting Related


  • Who’s Afraid of the Dark: A Parent’s Guide to Treating Children’s Bedtime Blues
  • Effective Communication for Parents and Children
  • Effective Discipline: Empowering Parents to Raise Great Kids
  • Effective Parenting
  • Empowering Your Children to Reach for their Goals
  • Building Relationships through Healthy Communication
  • Helping Your Child Grieve
  • Helping your Child Succeed
  • Hip Hop Anti-Violence
  • How to Love and Discipline your Child
  • Music Alive Effective Discipline
  • Parents Guide to Organization
  • Parent and Child Relationship Issues
  • Parenting Children with ADHD
  • Play
  • Spanking Alternatives
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Staying Close through Books
  • Survival Guide to College for Parents
  • The Goals of Misbehavior
  • Tips on a Father’s Role
  • Talking to your Kids about Grief & Bereavement
  • Talking with your Children about Fear
  • The Powerful Influence of Music
  • Transitions in Child Development
  • Using Logic with Kids


  • Girls and Self-Esteem Students
  • When a Friend is Depressed
  • Healthy Relationship Choices
  • Healthy Nutrition Choices
  • Embracing our Differences
  • Keeping Your Cool When It Gets HOT: For Kids
  • Recognizing the Warning Signs of Substance Abuse
  • Mental Illness Among College Students

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