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          Christine Collins, M.A., LCP

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What would you consider your main specialty?

My specific clinical interests include treating depression, mood disorders and anxiety related disorders. I also work in the field of addiction recovery. I assist clients who struggle with substance use, which often occurs with depression, anxiety and other mood disorders. Additionally, I work with families to provide education regarding addictions to assist in healing and restoring relationships.




Why did you chose that specialty?

I chose this work in order to help address our national crisis of addiction to prescription drugs, street drugs and alcohol. Many times psychological and social factors are powerful stimuli for perpetuating drug use and no one approach is appropriate for everyone, which is why I create a treatment plan tailored to the individual’s needs for optimum recovery.




What are some signs/symptoms that would indicate a person should see a counselor?

Counseling can helpful when an individual feels as though their life is no longer moving forward, sometimes described as feeling stuck or overwhelmed. Counseling provides the individual with new skills and strategies to overcome barriers and return to leading a productive and happy life.




I am not a Christian, so why should I see a Christian counselor?

My orientation is cognitive-behavioral and psychodynamic with an emphasis on brief effective interventions. I focus on the strengths of individuals, encouraging their positive growth and change.

As a Christian counselor, I provide the benefit of a holistic approach, recognizing an individual as a human being with physical, social, psychological and spiritual needs. I create a safe and non-judgmental environment, which allows me to be accepting of the individual’s beliefs.





What do you like to do in your off time?

I am committed to helping others and I believe this work is my vocation. I create balance in my life by spending time with family and friends. I enjoy reading, yoga and hosting gatherings. I also enjoy the many events in our great city of Chicago as well as restaurants, theaters, and live music.




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