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Master's and Doctoral Level Practicum Interns

Reports to: Director of Clinical Training & Director of Academic Counseling Programs

Location: Chicago, IL

The training year will be from 9/6/16 to 6/30/17. We are flexible on the start and end date if necessary.

We are hoping students will be available for 20 hours per week. We are open to negotiating this to more or less to be in line with the school/program expectations.


Supervision and Training:

We will utilize the first 2 weeks to provide the trainees with didactic training on facilitating groups, law and ethics including child abuse issues they may encounter, and multicultural issues. We will also train them in the necessary clinical documentation and orienting them to our systems of operations and policies.

Students will have 1 hour of individual supervision weekly and their supervisor will be available via phone/email when they are off site. Additionally, this year we will be adding weekly group supervision that will likely be on Fridays.

We have licensed professionals that work from many evidence based theoretical perspectives. We welcome a variety of theoretical orientations.


Clinical and Professional Experience:

Trainees would be engaging in direct services 50-75% of their scheduled hours. They will run groups at 1-2 school/programs and may carry a caseload of 1-3 individuals-families.

We partner with Title 1 schools and By the Hand (an after school program). The schools/programs are all over the city so it will be important for the trainee to have a car. We are contracted to run groups with 6-10 kids per group. The children/adolescents served are between the ages of 6-18 depending on the school/program. Trainees will be assigned to 1-2 schools/programs. They will obtain pre and post measures on the children in the groups. They will gather information from parents, teachers and other staff when clinical indicated as to help support the child in improving overall functioning. Trainees in Title 1 schools will conduct groups that will support students in academic functioning. Groups may include the following topics: organizational skills, executive functioning, social skills, conflict resolution, mindfulness techniques and affective regulation. Staff/teachers identify children and families that may benefit from services and those clients will be assigned to the trainee at that site.

As an extern with the school groups programs, a trainee will be responsible for multiple duties in the schools as well as at the Cornerstone office. Responsibilities may vary depending on the semester, specific program, and needs of the Center throughout the year.


Intern Responsibilities:

  • Conduct groups in a variety of academic settings and for various community agencies.
  • Provide pre-referral and intervention services, such as collaborating with classroom teachers, principals, and parents to determine goodness of fit for student with the Academic Counseling program.
  • Development and prepare curriculum for group counseling sessions.
  • Collaborate with staff to development and prepare seminars and workshops for the community. Some workshops may require weekend attendance.
  • Perform multifactor assessments including an appraisal of all or some of the following (in accordance with referral questions): cognitive, social, adaptive, achievement, and emotional status.
  • Attend IEP/ISP meetings, where appropriate, to advocate for Academic Counseling student needs.
  • Work as a liaison linking students and families with "outside" agencies, when appropriate.
  • Gather information from school personnel who know the student as part of the assessment process.
  • Identify students’ particular strength(s) and weakness(es) as a learner, modifying curricula to meet individual student needs.
  • Compile research regarding current and future program opportunities at CCCOC.
  • Participate in weekly staff meetings for one hour and didactic meetings for one hour with the clinical and administrative staff of CCCOC.
  • Attend one hour weekly individual supervision and one hour group supervision with clinical staff at CCCOC to process clinical responsibilities.
  • Attend periodic meetings with the administrative staff regarding responsibilities.
  • Contribute to professional research development through data entry and processing. This may include data from client sessions and/or from academic counseling groups.
  • Help CCCOC clinical and administrative staff with marketing and community consultation projects (i.e., fundraising, open house, connecting with local churches and pastors, & newsletter distribution).
  • Become knowledgeable concerning all policies and procedures as established for these services by Cornerstone Counseling Center of Chicago's manual, the funding source, and the individual school(s).
  • Complete all required paperwork in a comprehensive, timely and accurate manner.


To Apply: Students may submit a CV and cover letter to Dr. Samantha Lussier at

Cornerstone Counseling Center of Chicago